Isabelle Benvenuti

Isabelle Benvenuti (*1999)


Isabelle Irène Benvenuti (she/her) is a Swiss feminist artist and graphic designer. Born on the 12th April 1999, she moved and grew up in the Riviera where she finished her high school. She is currently studying visual communication at the Hochschule der Künste Bern. Before her graphic design studies, she did a preparatory year in Biel. She will continue her study in Fine Arts by the FHNW in Basel next year.


Isabelle Benvenuti questions and is interested in what owning a uterus implies in patriarchal capitalism and the societal mechanisms to which this organ is subjected. She approaches this theme through sculpture, illustration, painting or more. This project is a deconstruction of bodies and their environments to such an extent that they form a headless entity.